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Through the eyes of Kolis
A Reflection on Mumbai's Past, Present and Future

In collaboration with MMM and Heritage Lab
Year - 2021

This exhibition weaves together the imageries of the past through the archival history spoken through the lens of the Koli (fishermen) community of Mumbai. It is a culmination of the narratives of the generational history of the Kolis and their deep relationship with the natural environmental settings they are part of. 

This statement stands very relevant to the young generations of Mumbai as of today. We start associating with the degraded environment as something that is normal and has always been. We casually tend to refer to the water bodies as nullahs (drainages), something that carries sewage which in fact has been rivers and creeks. These water systems formed the natural environment of the city and got degraded over a period of time.

The exhibition attempts to narrate the history of the community and the environment with the help of the archival photos taken by the Kolis. It is a compilation of the voices of the community through the photos date from 1950 – 2005.

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