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About Us :

Bombay 61 Studio is a team of Urban Designers, Architects and Interior designers who contribute to the various design and research projects. The studio is capable of handling projects ranging from urban planning scale to even the smallest details of interior design. The team focuses on creative thinking to develop innovative solutions, where public participation plays a very vital role. This helps us create experiential designs which strongly project the user's perspective. Being an urban solutions think tank, the studio ventures into various urban research projects to achieve environmental friendly and community oriented solutions.

Across all scales of projects (design + research) our vision is defined as "user or community centric design".

Our Story

Bombay61 is an innovative and experimental urban solutions think tank. It facilitates the urban design and research projects with public participation as the key idea, creates and has been deeply involved in developing experiential architecture and design projects since 2013.

Bombay61 tries to create a social difference by addressing various urban issues, with the community and for the community with a very sensitive and ecological approach. We conduct research and fieldwork for getting to the roots of the issue and then articulate a simple solution for the benefit of the people. Our team is very crucial in mobilizing the community to strive toward the envisioned innovative solution.

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Our Team

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JAI BHADGAONKAR  (co-founder Bombay61)


Jai Bhadgaonkar is an Architect and Urban designer based in Mumbai. Jai's passion for architecture and urban design is evident through his practice and ideology, user-oriented design. He works on projects based on place-making and incremental housing in economically deprived areas of Mumbai. Since his university days, he has been fascinated with the relationship between the city and its architecture and experiments with solutions encouraging public participation especially within homegrown neighborhoods.

He completed his bachelor's degree in Architecture from L. S. Raheja College of Architecture, Mumbai in the year 2007. He has worked in the field of architecture with Sameer Rege and P.K. Das, in Mumbai from the year 2007-2009 after which he set up his own design firm named "Earthians' in the year 2010.During the course of his practice, Jai developed a keen interest in the field of urban design and he pursued Masters course in the Urban Design Program from the year 2011-2013 at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Since 2013, Jai has worked as an architect and urban designer at URBZ, Mumbai. Currently he is trying to nurture his own design firm, Bombay61. Recently, he has been working on projects based on place-making and incremental housing in economically deprived areas of Mumbai using his design skills to improve the local conditions.

KETAKI BHADGAONKAR  (co-founder Bombay61)


Ketaki Bhadgaonkar is an Architect and an Urban Designer practising in Mumbai. Ketaki is always passionate about exploring the evolution and future of dense, urban neighborhoods. She believes that these neighborhoods are like organisms and need a very critical and surgical approach. Ketaki uses her experience in the professional world to channel her passion for teaching in the academic world. She has been a professor at PVP institute. architecture and now teaches as a part of the urban design cell at Rizvi college of Architecture and many other institutes in Mumbai.

She has graduated from Sinhagad institute in Pune during the year 2008 and practised under Architect Narendra Dengle. She then has been a professor at PVP institute of Architecture and dealing with design courses. She completed her masters in urban design from CEPT university Ahmedabad during the year 2011-2013 post which she worked under Architect Sanjay Puri till the year 2014.She has been associated with urban design agencies like MESN and URBZ and promoting sustainable ways of designing through her designs, Ketaki is co founder Bombay61 and has been working on design projects based in economically deprived areas of Mumbai. She is also teaching Architecture and urban design in various architectural institutes the city.


Mentors :


Narendra Dengle
( Narendra Dengle & Associates )


Sameer Rege
( Sameer Rege & Associates )

Matias Echanove.jpg

Matias Echenove
( Co-founder urbz )


Rahul Srivastava
( Co-founder urbz )


Vikas Motiram Koli
( Social reformer )

Team :

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Yash Khadye
( Junior Architect )


Siddhesh Shirke
( Junior Architect )

Sarah Ghorpade Mumbai photo_edited.jpg

Sarah Ghorpade
( Sustainability Researcher )

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-23 at 8.39_edited.jpg

Urmila Gogavle
( Intern 2023 )

Bombay 61 Alumni :


Videsh Dora
( Architect )

Bryson Patil_edited.jpg

Bryson Patil
( Civil Engineer )

Sana Shaikh.jpg

Shaikh Sana
( Intern 2021 )

Talatnaaz Lonbal.jpg

( Intern 2021 )


Kalpita Lotankar
( Urban Designer 2022 )


Abhishek Gunjal
( Intern 2022 )


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