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LA Journal - Patterns

Brief :

The case of Goa has faced the consequences of the greed to grab the non-renewable resources. The human interventions, through mining, have disrupted the natural patterns and the ecological processes. These need to be revived in such a way that the human interventions are minimalistic and we are just a catalyst in reassembling the patterns as a means of restoration.
The mining towns have been neglected due to their remote location in the forest area and are the ones that have suffered the most. The case considered is of a mining town, Curchorem, which has gone through tremendous transformation post mining.
The intent is to ecologically restore the adulterated site used for ore transportations, i.e. the river edge, and transform such lands into prime features of the town which would not only ecologically sustain themselves but also blend with the existing cultural landscape and help the locals base their economic dependencies on the produce generated by these sites.

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