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Reimagining Versova Koliwada
A Placemaking Initiative

In collaboration with Koli community and MMM (Ministry of Mumbai's Magic)
Location: Versova Koliwada
Year: 2021

Bombay61 studio, in collaboration with the Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic, has undertaken placemaking activities that have transformed community spaces at Versova Koliwada working with local Koli artists.

The aim was to revive the characteristics of these Koliwadas across Mumbai, to amplify these issues, and bring forward the vulnerabilities and the uncertainties of the community. The characteristics which give a human connection within the community.


“The spaces in most of the villages/urban villages emerge out of the context relatable to the artifacts- may it be wells, temples or trees defining their character. Over the years we have witnessed these spaces getting degraded due to a lack of associational values, especially by the younger generations. Hence we identified Placemaking as the tool by creating artwork reflecting the local context by artists who are part of the community and interactive spaces to intervene and revive the lost identity of these spaces - which will eventually help the village regain its lost character at large.”

Watch the video on Youtube

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